Meeting Minutes – 7.19.17

7.18.17: Attendees: Doug, Mike, Rebecca, Jeff, Whitney, Luke (remote), John (remote)

Others: Liza Walker, Drew Pollack SE Group

6:34: Meeting commences with a quorum

Past meeting minutes voted on and approved unanimously.

6:35: Mad River Park Discussion:

  • MRP Sub-committee met prior to the meeting to discuss finances of the Mad River Park.
  • Discussed setting limit for two signatures – $1000.
  • Discussed having an audit / Treasury report at every meeting
  • $5k earmarked from Erin Chase for Pavilion.
  • $10k from Mitler Family for maintenance, enhancements, etc.
  • Discussed how to structure the financials for pavilion vs maintenance/improvements, etc.
  • Closing date: Land & Water grant is potentially delaying 8.1.17 closing date. Have a yr long lease, need to close by Dec 1st.
  • Celebration scheduled on 9.8.17 for soccer jamboree, is this in jeopardy?
    • Shouldn’t be.
    • Question is if we can include strategic plan elements into the celebration.
      • Drew – yes, this seems very reasonable.

John Stokes leaves the meeting.

6:50: Strategic Plan – Led by Drew

  • PowerPoint presentation from SE Group to assist in leading discussion. Each slide not fully notated here.
  • Reviewed MRVRD Vision: “enhancing the Mad River Valley’s way of life through recreation”
    1. Should we better define ‘recreation’
    2. Yes, we should. Luke: We should define recreation priorities, not saying we outright eliminate those items.
    3. Drew: Good exercise to define recreation, but not within the mission statement.
  • Mission: “to facilitate and enhance recreation opportunities throughout the mad river valley”
    1. Discussed how broad/narrow this should be. Some committee members discussed need for this to be physcial in nature, others that it should be more broad. Goal is to spend time thinking about this between this meeting and next and each come back with action words/concepts to nail down the mission / vision
  • Core Values
  • Goals & Objectives – defining categories
    1. Debate and discussion over high level categories.
      1. These are mostly settled and Drew takes action item to further flesh them out before next scheduled meeting.
    2. Determined that initial focus of Goals and Objectives will be to create a reasonable action plan for 3-5yr timeframe – voted to keep our thinking within this timing construct for now, in order to create G’s&O’s that are actionable in short term and iterative for the longer term.
    3. Discussed meeting schedule / next steps for finalizing Strategic Plan by late October.

8:35 – Sub-committee discussion

  • “Homework” given for each sub-committee chair/member in relation to their sub-committee.

8:45 – Meeting adjourned

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