Meeting Minutes – 10.17.17

10.17.17 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mike, Rebecca, Jeff, Whitney, Doug, John (late arrival)

Other Attendees: Logan (Potential MRVRD Member at Large), Drew (SE Group), Alice (Potential MRVRD Member at Large)

6:35: Alice & Logan – new board member option introductions.

  • We have 2 member at large slots. Both Alice & Logan introduced themselves, Logan was on the board previously, Alice has not been on the board before.

6:40: Review minutes from last meeting. Motion to approve. Seconded. Approved.

6:41: Treasurer’s report: Doug presented the Financial summary for 2017 split into MRVRD and DBA Mad River Park.

  • Two outstanding items that haven’t been paid – MRP and MRR – total of $20,500.
  • Need receipts, haven’t received to date.
  • Discussed bike share program and that the MRVPD discovered they had $1400 earmarked for this (from MRVRD) that was never spent – and owed to the MRVRD. Doug to follow-up with Josh Swartz (Ex Dir) to recoup.

6:53: SE Group – Strategic Plan

  • Reviewed and approved:
    • Vision
    • Mission
  • Discussed further:
    • Core Values – Drew suggested we table final approval till our final meeting.
    • Action Plan Focus Areas
      • Trails, Programming, Events have been discussed at length in previous meetings as the “big 3” areas of focus
      • Other focus areas (Organizational Capacity, Community Coordination, Grants, Park & Facilities) were then reviewed/discussed.  Discussions were wide and varied in looking to better hone/understand/define each.
      • Final focus area: Parks & Facilities. Added “Facilities” after last meeting to have it encompass other areas than MRPark (Skatium, Couples, future items such as a pump track, etc).
        • Next step is to package-up the management plan – all agreed.
        • Discussed need to formalize the management plan. All agreed.
        • Discussed other opportunities – pump track.
          • How this ties into trails, and the intersection of trails, convenient spot for folks to hang-out, while kids play, etc. Item for the 3-5yr plan, as we build out trail network (ie, don’t put the pump track before the trail, needs to go the other way).
        • Skatium:
          • What to do with this rec resource? Discusson reflected on the historical.
            • Drew – “Do you want to tackle the Stakium as a facility we’ll focus on for improvement/action?”
              • Yes. Doug will reach out to Don & Zeke to discuss MRVRD involvement on a more intensive level.
        • Munn’s Field:
          • Purchase and use as a campground?
            • High level discussion.
            • Drew: Don’t review this as a $ generator, doesn’t have the natural resource connection that is required, it opens-up additional opportunity for lodging for recreation enthusiasts.
            • Next Step: Review opportunity for camping on Munn’s field. And potentially elsewhere…
    • Other Projects and Deliverables
      • Discussed inclusion and exclusion of items discussed at last meeting:
        • Wayfinding – yes – discuss in correlation to Mapping portion of Trails committee
        • Recreation Directory -yes – review if this can be done outside of other efforts and what mechanism for publishing.
        • Sugarhouse Soundworks event at MRPark fields (once a year ) – yes, Mike to reach-out to further these discussions
        • MRPath – this rolls into Trails component (maintenance and construction)
        • Swim Lessons in the Vally – yes
        • Pro-active RFP’s for events and programs – yes
    • Discussed potential need for full or part time staff person (which in reality is a need for additional resources):
      • One option is to ask for more time from the MRVPD full-time staff – they have the experience in outdoor rec and could be a good fit.
      • Option 2 is menu – this project costs xyz.
      • Option 3 is paying for full or part time person
      • Action Item: Think about this topic leading into next Monday’s meeting.
  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • Discussed preparations for Tri-Town meeting on 11.16.17
    • Next meeting is Monday Oct 23rd
    • Meeting on Nov 7 to do dry-run of tri-town meeting
    • Nov 16 is tri-town meeting
    • Dec 19 (placeholder date) is review final strategic plan doc, will be sent to board 2wks prior).

Meeting Adjourned 8:35p

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