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Meeting Agenda 10.17.17

6:35- Treasurer’s report
6:45- Meet and greet with wonderful people who are interested in being on the board: Alice Rodgers, Matt Lillard, Logan Cook, Liza Walker and Brent Pearson
7:00- Strategic Planning continues with Drew
The meeting is at 4061 Main St in the General Wait House

Meeting Agenda 6.14.17

1) Approve minutes from May meeting:  Add VTPR membership, insurance vote and SE Group proposal


4) Update on MRP
5) Strategic Plan first steps.


Old news
New news

Meeting Agenda 5.24.1027

The May MRVRD meeting will be held at the Wait House (Waitsfield, VT), at 6:30p on Wednesday May 24th, 2017.
The Agenda:
1. MRP update – 5min
2. Shout out to our Unsung Hero-5 min
3. Vt Rec and Park Association-5 min
4. Conversation with Drew from SE Group on strategic plan
5. Old Biz/New Biz- 5min

MRVRD Meeting Agenda – 2.21.17

MRVRD Agenda for February 21, 2017

Status MRP Purchase                         10 minutes

Fundraising Committee

Town Meeting Day, MRVRD representation

By-laws and leases

Grants                                                 30 minutes

Skatium-Conditions for continued support

Press release for awards

Soccer goal in Warren

Deadline for next rotation

2017 Work Plan and timeline:            45 minutes

Old Biz/New Biz:                               5 minutes

Agenda 10.18.2016

Mad River Valley Recreation District


Tuesday 10/18/16 at 6:30

Gen. Wait House

  1. Accept minutes from 9/13 (5 min)
  2. Mad River Park update: field meeting and appraisal attached (10min)

The Town Leadership Meeting: Nov 16th (60min)

  • MRVRD presentation at 7pm (meeting start is 6:30) .
  • Topics to be covered will be: website, survey, finances/grants, bi-laws, Mad River Park purchase.
  1. Old business (5 min)
  2. New Business (5 min)

Adj 8pm