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Meeting Minutes – 10.17.17

10.17.17 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mike, Rebecca, Jeff, Whitney, Doug, John (late arrival)

Other Attendees: Logan (Potential MRVRD Member at Large), Drew (SE Group), Alice (Potential MRVRD Member at Large)

6:35: Alice & Logan – new board member option introductions.

  • We have 2 member at large slots. Both Alice & Logan introduced themselves, Logan was on the board previously, Alice has not been on the board before.

6:40: Review minutes from last meeting. Motion to approve. Seconded. Approved.

6:41: Treasurer’s report: Doug presented the Financial summary for 2017 split into MRVRD and DBA Mad River Park.

  • Two outstanding items that haven’t been paid – MRP and MRR – total of $20,500.
  • Need receipts, haven’t received to date.
  • Discussed bike share program and that the MRVPD discovered they had $1400 earmarked for this (from MRVRD) that was never spent – and owed to the MRVRD. Doug to follow-up with Josh Swartz (Ex Dir) to recoup.

6:53: SE Group – Strategic Plan

  • Reviewed and approved:
    • Vision
    • Mission
  • Discussed further:
    • Core Values – Drew suggested we table final approval till our final meeting.
    • Action Plan Focus Areas
      • Trails, Programming, Events have been discussed at length in previous meetings as the “big 3” areas of focus
      • Other focus areas (Organizational Capacity, Community Coordination, Grants, Park & Facilities) were then reviewed/discussed.  Discussions were wide and varied in looking to better hone/understand/define each.
      • Final focus area: Parks & Facilities. Added “Facilities” after last meeting to have it encompass other areas than MRPark (Skatium, Couples, future items such as a pump track, etc).
        • Next step is to package-up the management plan – all agreed.
        • Discussed need to formalize the management plan. All agreed.
        • Discussed other opportunities – pump track.
          • How this ties into trails, and the intersection of trails, convenient spot for folks to hang-out, while kids play, etc. Item for the 3-5yr plan, as we build out trail network (ie, don’t put the pump track before the trail, needs to go the other way).
        • Skatium:
          • What to do with this rec resource? Discusson reflected on the historical.
            • Drew – “Do you want to tackle the Stakium as a facility we’ll focus on for improvement/action?”
              • Yes. Doug will reach out to Don & Zeke to discuss MRVRD involvement on a more intensive level.
        • Munn’s Field:
          • Purchase and use as a campground?
            • High level discussion.
            • Drew: Don’t review this as a $ generator, doesn’t have the natural resource connection that is required, it opens-up additional opportunity for lodging for recreation enthusiasts.
            • Next Step: Review opportunity for camping on Munn’s field. And potentially elsewhere…
    • Other Projects and Deliverables
      • Discussed inclusion and exclusion of items discussed at last meeting:
        • Wayfinding – yes – discuss in correlation to Mapping portion of Trails committee
        • Recreation Directory -yes – review if this can be done outside of other efforts and what mechanism for publishing.
        • Sugarhouse Soundworks event at MRPark fields (once a year ) – yes, Mike to reach-out to further these discussions
        • MRPath – this rolls into Trails component (maintenance and construction)
        • Swim Lessons in the Vally – yes
        • Pro-active RFP’s for events and programs – yes
    • Discussed potential need for full or part time staff person (which in reality is a need for additional resources):
      • One option is to ask for more time from the MRVPD full-time staff – they have the experience in outdoor rec and could be a good fit.
      • Option 2 is menu – this project costs xyz.
      • Option 3 is paying for full or part time person
      • Action Item: Think about this topic leading into next Monday’s meeting.
  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • Discussed preparations for Tri-Town meeting on 11.16.17
    • Next meeting is Monday Oct 23rd
    • Meeting on Nov 7 to do dry-run of tri-town meeting
    • Nov 16 is tri-town meeting
    • Dec 19 (placeholder date) is review final strategic plan doc, will be sent to board 2wks prior).

Meeting Adjourned 8:35p

Minutes – 9.11.17

Notes 9/19/2017 Start: 6:40 PM

In attendance: Whitney, Rebecca, Doug, Mike, John, Jeff (phone).

Minutes not shared yet from last week’s meeting (9/11/17)

Mark from SE Group

  • Reviewed what was covered in the last meeting
  • Signage, programming
  • Events
  • Organizational capacity and growth

Whitney on Facebook usage

  • Creating events – everyone does their own on our page
    • It becomes the central distribution pipe line to all the organizations getting the information to their peeps
  • We may be in the best position to work hand in hand with the chamber

A collaboration with the Planning District needs to be intentional and purposeful. It could be great and there are positives, but it needs to be for the right reasons.

Future Meetings – write these down

Tuesday, October 17

Monday, October 23

Tuesday, November 7

Tri-town Meeting – TBD

Meeting came to a close at 9:00 pm


Meeting Minutes – 8.15.17

Notes 8/15/2017 Start: 6:50 PM

In attendance: Whitney, Rebecca, Luke, Mike, John (phone).

Minutes approved from last month

Mad River Park

  •       Closing dates moved from 8/18 to 9/5.  Reason: wait until stormwater permit and ACT 250 appeal processes close.
  •       All hands meeting 9/5 (6-8 pm) in Fayston:  Stakeholders, Pavilion folks, Eric Sigsbey from Sugarhouse Sound scheduled in attendance.  Purpose is to discuss management, leases and future projects w MRP.  Meeting will mark official transfer of all things MRP to MRP field Committee.
  •       Moretown agreement – Michelle Beard will be step down after purchase and new Moretown Rep will join.  Field sub-committee level will decide any decisions concerning the field.  If controversial, goes to board and 2 members from Moretown.
  •       Signage-  Design of rules sign in process.  Parking sign completed.
  •       Field upgrades- need cost estimate for 3 years.  Seeding, Aerating and adding compost.
  •       Lease upkeep of the fields on users, port-a-potty, rule enforcement, gravel lot and trash.  MRVRD will pay for mowing, insurance and storm water fee.
  •       Pick-up gentleman’s agreement drafted.  Includes request to work field days.
  •       Festivals and Events agreement to be created by field committee
  •       Pavilion meeting to determine costs, final design, size, orientation.
  •       Path around field.  Mad Dash donating proceeds to path around the fields.   MRP Committee agreed to path as long as it does not impede field space and there is room.

By-laws – Reviewed final document.  Created from MOU, references Policies and Procedure. District members in attendance signed document.   

Attorney said  that we need a vice chair to mirror our MOU, and it can’t be treasurer or secretary b/c in the mou they are allowed to be same person.  Mike Nucci was nominated by Rebecca and 2nd by Luke, all agreed and Mike didn’t fight too hard.  Luke motioned to approve, Mike 2nd.  All agreed.  Need signatures from Doug and Jeff

Policy and Procedures (internal operating document).   This document may change and need to be updated as things with the district change. Those in attendance initial current copy.

MRP Party When: September 9, 2017.  9-3 youth soccer 3-7 ultimate game/adult soccer.  Vendors in afternoon.

  •       Cornerstone for Beer Garden.  Sweet Spot for ice cream.  Home Plate for sandwiches.  Bill Wilcox and Noah’s Fizzy pending.
  •       Bands: working with Eric Sigsbey  Sabouyouma and Big Ragged Shack  $750.
  •       Parking Cabot and Waitsfield Telecom will allow us to use lot. Will rent bus to bus from Telecom.
  •       One additional port-a-potty
  •       Traffic vest and garbage cans loaned out.

Strategic Plan Outcome Discussion about what is working with the development of plan and expectations.  

Trail Summit Meeting – Trail Summit created on September 6 from 4-6 pm. Objective: Provide contacts and communication between community groups engaged in trail-based recreation in the MRV, identify shared priorities and develop actionable steps for further collaboration.

Meeting came to a close at 8:50 pm

Meeting Minutes – 7.19.17

7.18.17: Attendees: Doug, Mike, Rebecca, Jeff, Whitney, Luke (remote), John (remote)

Others: Liza Walker, Drew Pollack SE Group

6:34: Meeting commences with a quorum

Past meeting minutes voted on and approved unanimously.

6:35: Mad River Park Discussion:

  • MRP Sub-committee met prior to the meeting to discuss finances of the Mad River Park.
  • Discussed setting limit for two signatures – $1000.
  • Discussed having an audit / Treasury report at every meeting
  • $5k earmarked from Erin Chase for Pavilion.
  • $10k from Mitler Family for maintenance, enhancements, etc.
  • Discussed how to structure the financials for pavilion vs maintenance/improvements, etc.
  • Closing date: Land & Water grant is potentially delaying 8.1.17 closing date. Have a yr long lease, need to close by Dec 1st.
  • Celebration scheduled on 9.8.17 for soccer jamboree, is this in jeopardy?
    • Shouldn’t be.
    • Question is if we can include strategic plan elements into the celebration.
      • Drew – yes, this seems very reasonable.

John Stokes leaves the meeting.

6:50: Strategic Plan – Led by Drew

  • PowerPoint presentation from SE Group to assist in leading discussion. Each slide not fully notated here.
  • Reviewed MRVRD Vision: “enhancing the Mad River Valley’s way of life through recreation”
    1. Should we better define ‘recreation’
    2. Yes, we should. Luke: We should define recreation priorities, not saying we outright eliminate those items.
    3. Drew: Good exercise to define recreation, but not within the mission statement.
  • Mission: “to facilitate and enhance recreation opportunities throughout the mad river valley”
    1. Discussed how broad/narrow this should be. Some committee members discussed need for this to be physcial in nature, others that it should be more broad. Goal is to spend time thinking about this between this meeting and next and each come back with action words/concepts to nail down the mission / vision
  • Core Values
  • Goals & Objectives – defining categories
    1. Debate and discussion over high level categories.
      1. These are mostly settled and Drew takes action item to further flesh them out before next scheduled meeting.
    2. Determined that initial focus of Goals and Objectives will be to create a reasonable action plan for 3-5yr timeframe – voted to keep our thinking within this timing construct for now, in order to create G’s&O’s that are actionable in short term and iterative for the longer term.
    3. Discussed meeting schedule / next steps for finalizing Strategic Plan by late October.

8:35 – Sub-committee discussion

  • “Homework” given for each sub-committee chair/member in relation to their sub-committee.

8:45 – Meeting adjourned

Meeting Minutes 6.20.17

Present: Rebecca, Luke, Whitney, Mike & Doug

Drew Pollack-Bruce from SE Group

  • Meeting Began at 6:48

6:50 Reviewed the timeline of our conversations around the offer of working with Planning District and where we are at this point. We are willing to work with folks, but we are still getting a handle of what the work is. Once we are clearer with our Strategic Plan, we will have a handle on how we can collaborate with others.

6:54 Since the last meeting, we voted to move forward with the SE Group and our Strategic Planning. We have been given a quote of $15,000 for the work. We also voted to spend $1,218 for insurance on MRP. We are using Jamieson Insurance Co.

6:56 Presentation by Drew with conversations…click here for a copy of the powerpoint.

Vision Statement: Enhancing the Mad River Valley’s way of life through recreation.

Mission Statement: Enhance and facilitate recreation opportunities throughout the Mad River Valley.

Segue: Offer an award to the organization that creates the best community event.

8:44 Rebecca reviewed the By Laws and the Policies and Procedures.

8:54 We voted unanimously to accept the By Laws.

Liza, Rebecca and Doug need to meet regarding Mad River Park money.

Next Meeting: July 18 from 6:30 to 8:30pm

Meeting Minutes 5.24.17

Attendees: Rebecca, Mike, John, Jeff, Doug

Meeting called to order at 6:36p with a quorum.

Mad River Park Discussion:

  • Mike: Approximately $9k left to go in fundraising.
    • JS: Is that money in hand?
    • YES.
  • We have at least 9k more in pledges, but not in hand.
  • Cut-off date for fundraising is June 15th.
  • Asked Valley Reporter for free ad space for cut-out coupons for donation form.
  • Have raised $500 with the on-site tent. Mike has put some long days in driving this.
  • Sept 9th is our anticipated celebration for the purchase of the fields.
  • DRB meeting (5.23.17)
    • Apartments across the road from the fields had reps there – not opposed to purchase.
      • Proposed Parking Lot: Concerns were dust from traffic and water line under the lot – it needs to be at least 7’ down.
      • Pavilion
      • Lights could be an issue as we move forward
      • Bathrooms could be a challenge due to lack of H20 supply.
        • Mike noted his well is the source for apartments, but water expert said it’s already at it’s limit for supply.
        • Septic that’s present could handle the load.
    • June 13th is next DRB meeting
  • Do reserve fund go directly to the Park?
  • Discussion around creating a Path around the fields that the MRP would maintain. Goal would be to tie this down to Meadow road.
    • Next step: have MRP present their plan.
  • Bridge from lot to fields – over the creek.2 We have a drawing, but it needs to have higher level of detail.
    • JS: How about putting it in a culvert vs trying to build a bridge. Discussion on this topic.

Membership to Vermont Rec & Park Association:

  • Discussed pros/cons.

Strategic Plan:

  • Drew Pollack-Bruce representative of SE Group led the discussion.
    • Introduction to the memorandum sent on 4/18/17 and extrapolating our goals / objective so they can do their work.
    • Vision framework leads to goals & objectives
  • Lengthy discussion / in-depth review of current proposal, outlining MRVRD requests for changes to proposal, which Drew would provide later in the week.

8:05p: Discussion around collaboration with other entities in the valley, how best to collaborate, ensuring board presents single vision/goal in this regard.

8:15p: Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Minutes 4.18.17

Attendees: Rebecca Baruzzi, Jeff Whittingham, Mike Nucci, John Stokes, Whitney Phillips

6:31: Meeting brought to order.

6:35: Reviewed SE Group Strategic Plan memo, followed by high level discussion.

Determined that a more in-depth presentation with a formal project plan is needed prior to moving forward.

6:48: Whitney Phillips arrives. Discuss Warren Selectboard meeting where the MRVRD discussed

7:02: Motion to approve minutes from March by Rebecca. Approved by unanimous votes.

7:03: MRV Strategic Plan / Visioning – review of focus areas:

Trails, Programming (sports, field management, facilities, etc), events

General discussion around prioritizing different actions, which ties back to creation of a strategic plan.

The concept of a recreation calendar came-up again. Discussed how this is a piece of the strategic plan, whitney challenged that this is an on-going evolvement that we can continue to leverage our growing Facebook page,

7:18: Discussed how to split trails, programming, and events into ownership / sub-committees.

Whitney: Events

John & Mike: Programming

Rebecca & Jeff: Trails

Next step: start sub-committees to review each topic in great depth

7:24: Reviewed grant for Brooks Field goal grant request.

Discussed waiting for Doug Bernstein Bergstein returning for next meeting (who is on the Brooks Field committee) to discuss further.

7:28: Discussed Moretown potentially becoming full ‘member’ of MRVRD. This is in discussion phase only.

7:30: Discussion around the different Sub-committees, goals of each, ideas for projects, events, etc. Rebecca brought us back to nominating board members for chairing each committee:

7:43: Discussed timing of next board meeting and sub-committee meetings.

3rd Tuesday for sub-committee meetings

4th tuesday for next MRVRD meeting

7:45: MRPark Fundraising: $30k to go. Opening it up to a wider audience to get over the finish line.

Bake sales at MRPark once soccer / lacrosse seasons start.

7:47: Discussed whether we can vote by email. Rebecca is going to review the by-laws.

7:50: Meeting adjourned

Meeting Minutes 3.21.17

6:38pm: Meeting to Order

Attendees: Rebecca Baruzzi (2018), Doug Bergstein (2020), John Stokes (2020), Luke Foley – at large, Mike Nucci (2020), Whitney Phillips (2019), Jeff Whittingham (2018)

6:40 Minutes approved

6:43 Mad River Park

Field Manager – Mike Nucci has volunteered for the position…whatever that is at the moment

John will work with Mike to familiarize him with the terrain

Memorial Pavilion in honor of the kids who died this past fall was viewed favorably

Parking lot language changed from 80 to “as many as possible”

One bucket of money for expenses rather than itemizing.

By-Laws – Moretown will be included

Rebecca will pursue getting the Moretown representative ASAP

Fundraising: We have $46,000 out of the $110,000 we need for final purchase

7:05 Strategic Plan

Started with reviewing a summary of the responses to Rebecca’s questionnaire

Step 3 coming up: Vet the Vision

Three Immediate Areas of Focus

  • Programming
  • Events
  • Trails

8:09 Official Address

Mad River Valley Recreation District

c/o Waitsfield Town Office

4144 Main Street

Waitsfield, VT   05673

Our records that are currently in Jeff’s basement will be moved over there.

8:13 Meeting Adjourned


Meeting Minutes 2.21.17

6:38pm: Meeting to Order

Attendees: Rebecca Baruzzi, Doug Bergstein, John Stokes, Luke Foley, Jeff Whittingham

6:40 Minutes Amended to include the Mad River Soccer grant request and approved.

6:45 Mad River Park

The $225,000 grant was received.

$31,500 from each of four towns needs to be voted in at the various town meetings.

A fundraising committee has been formed to raise the remaining $100,000.

The Board decided that conducting a Hazmat (Level 1) inspection is too costly and onerous to prove what is already known through local knowledge.  The land was used for extracting materials, later a landing strip and then currently as fields.  The option to purchase includes a caveat a known hazards and the Kingsbury’s who have owned the land for decades have signed that they have no knowledge of hazardous materials.  Need to close by August 1, 2017

Permitting for the parking lot will be done by Kingsbury, but they will not pay more than 10k in permitting and design.  

7:05 Grants

Skatium: develop some simple suggestions to improve their business model; suggest they add a board member; get out of paying taxes

Grants Requests for 2018 will be due by October 15, 2017 so that we can have the numbers for the November meeting with the select boards.

7:27 Trail Plan

Should we be meeting with the groups that are involved with trails to get the coordination process moving? What’s the 2 year plan? 10 year plan?

What are the most critical points in our paths?

What will the organizations do to help implement the Mad River Valley Moves study?

When should this meeting happen? What will its purpose be?

Subcommittee to convene and organize steps forward.

8:17 Moretown

Their Article allows for a person to be part of our “Board” which we are interpreting as having a say on the Mad River Park decisions. Full Board membership will be contingent on the town contributing to the funding on an annual basis.

8:29 Grant Writing

Should we become the vessel through which grants are written to support various MRV organizations?

To Do:

Luke Foley will contact the Warren PTO to see if they can spread the word of support for Article 6.

Doug will submit a press release for grants awarded in next week’s Valley Reporter.

Doug and Rebecca will meet next week to create a strawman framework for our Strategic Plan.
8:37: Meeting adjurned

Agenda 1.19.2017

6:32p: Meeting to Order

Attendees: Rebecca Baruzzi, Doug Bergstein, John Stokes, Jeff Whittingham, Whitney Phillips, Luke Foley, Logan Cooke. (Full Board)

632: Met with John Atkinson of the Mad River Riders:

  • Whitney asked as to the nature of the grant, wanted to better understand if this is for a grant match ($45k is what MRR is actively fundraising).
    • John (Atkinson – MRR) noted this is not a match, but what the MRR is trying to fundraise that amount, find grants, etc.
    • Whitney noted funding soft costs vs hard costs.
    • John noted that this is a hard cost (contractor fees, etc).
    • Costs of about 20k/mile is for 4’ wide access trail for multiple uses. This is set by State & Federal agencies.
  • Whitney: What is the consensus that you hear from the community? Easy, intermediate, etc?
    • John: 80% of the trails are deemed expert, need to create balance.
  • Discussed MRR 5yr strategic plan and the trail connections that are being reviewed.
  • Discussed cost of maintenance – john noted that some costs go to him as RD as he has state cert for chainsawing so he is one of two folks that can do that work, but the rest is volunteer – ‘trail ownership’ so to speak. Chapter members who go out and maintain trails.
    • Trail balance creates greater usage.
  • Rebecca: Asked about VMBA and how that ties into other large trail networks. John noted that all of those networks are part of VMBA.
  • Rebecca: Asked about maps, ease of use for visitors. John noted a concerted effort for trail signs, and improved maps.
  • Rebecca asked about cooperating with Mad river ridge runners – john noted collaboration.
  • Whitney switched gears to note amount of use of french canadians in bb lake trails as part of biking vacations.
  • Rebecca: Asked about collaboration with the Path, MRMoves, etc and if the MRVRD’s Strategic Plan could assist. John noted that there needs to be better collaboration.
  • John discussed applying for the RD position for the MRP.
  • Discussed collaboration goals/issues – will this make it easier if there is a conflict of interest?
    • John noted that he could be applying for grants for both groups, but from same pool of money – the MRVRD is a good example.
    • Collaboration discussion continued in several directions.
  • Discussion moved to mapping trails.
    • John noted that there is a free map – updated in fall 2016.
    • Rebecca asked about mapping all legal valley trails.
      • Yes, already fairly complete, but any ‘missing’ pieces could be added.
  • Rebecca moved the conversation back to grant request discussion.
  • What is the $25k specifically to be used for?
    • Multiple projects, but specifics around how it would be spent across each is not formally defined, as the cost of each project is far greater than $25k
  • Some additional discussion
  • Discussed the scoring system used to provide a quantitative number from subjective review.
  • In general, a very fluid conversation around MRV trail systems.

7:30: Moved to the voting of grant requests:

  • Rebecca motioned to fund the Skatium at $5k, but with stipulations created around setting goals and objectives for the Skatium moving forward and if these stipulations are not met, future funding will continue to be reduced if not eliminated. This is a continuation of previous meetings around the Skatium. Voted 7-0 to approve.


  • Discussion revolved around how we MRVLL could raise registration fees and cover the gap in budget. Rebecca moved to fund the $1250 this year. Seconded and voted 7-0 to approve.

Sidenote that in our Strategic Planning process we need to review / revise allocation procedures/rules. Funding ‘start-up’ costs vs maintenance. Funding scholarships to ensure all valley residents can participate vs subsidizing all.


  • Voted 7-0 to fund MRPark at $8000.


  • Voted 7-0 to grant funds up to $2,000 this year, that were approved for 2016 and had not been used.

Mad Ridge Runners

  • Voted 7-0 to fund MRRunners $1575. Discussion revolved around concerns around multi-use of VAST trails. Grant funds equipment required for maintaining snowmobile trails in the Valley.

Pickle Ball

  • Discussed the value of Pickle Ball for generational users and low cost to assist with getting this going. Voted 7-0 for their $494 request for equipment.

Mad River Riders

  • Discussed the economic value of the trails built to date, especially BB Lake. Grant will assist in the funding of additional beginner trail at BB Lake as well as other trail projects in the valley. Voted 7-0. $12500

Mad River Path

  • Continued debate / discussions in conjunction with the MRR grant – how much trail has the MRP added to the system in relation to the MRR? The value each group brings to the valley. With some fairly strong objections, voted to approved the MRP a $8000 grant.
  • Objections from Whitney & Jeff on the value of this grant going to the MRP vs to the MRR who are showing a greater amount of economic value from their trail efforts. Voted 5-2.

902p: Meeting adjourned.